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FeedCenter™ is the optimized solution for diamond inventory distribution in a seamless and monitored fashion.
FeedCenter™ Monitors all incoming and outgoing feed traffic while spotting errors and adapting to your demands and inventory changes thru a unique web interface software.
FeedCenter™ is developed by SMBS. The leading provider for integrated Ecommerce solutions for the Diamonds industry
SMBS' growing knowledge and experience in diamond inventory management and its large Harmony B2B Ecommerce systems customer database paved the road for a Feed distribution center, providing its customers:
  • A Real Time inventory and certificates distribution platform to B2B and B2C websites.
  • Fully managed and automated incoming and outgoing solution for your diamond inventory with service and support. The service is given by experienced staff which monitors 24/7 all the Feed-in and Feed-Out traffic thru the FeedCenter™ Monitor control Panel.
  • High flexibility capabilities and advanced functionalities such as a markup mechanism, data mappings, error handling and support of sites that demand exclusiveness on the stock displayed on their site.
Feed Center is a SaaS product allowing you to determine the timeframe of the FeedCenter™ service depending on your satisfaction and without any big down payments.
SMBS pursuits long term relations with its customers, understanding that a premium service & support is a mandatory element in the Diamonds Industry.
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